The endless collapse

Friday 12 of March 2021, some units from the Haitian national police had an operation in Village de Dieu which is a slum area at the south of Port-au-Prince. At least four police officers have been killed during that operation which is considered as a slaughter by the public opinion. Haitian population is much more dismayed by Haitian authorities’ cynicism than the police officers death.

On Tuesday 16 of March 2021, four days later, Haitian population was informed that an armored vehicle captured by armed groups of Village de Dieu has been recovered by a special police operation. The news was carefully presented to the population as a victory of the law enforcement agencies, knowingly omitted to speak about the fate of police officers corpses treated indignantly by the gangsters a few days earlier. In such circumstances, a plan to recover police officers corpses seemed more important and urgent to the public opinion than the recovery of an armored vehicles. But this is misunderstanding the cynicism of Haitian leaders who do not care about citizens’ life and well-being. Unfortunately nothing happens in Haiti as it normally does elsewhere. What it the most important elsewhere is perceived as accessory in Haiti. Incompetent and reckless leaders have lost all sense of Haitian reality long ago. The world may collapse around them; they will continue to sleep soundly. The leaders move forward without worrying at all about the harm done to the society. They keep on defining or redefining their priorities for themselves, their relatives and closest friends.

While the so-called Armored Vehicle Recovery Operation on 16 of March 2021 drew to its end, rumors have spread on social media that a senior police officer was detained by Haitian police general Inspection for his alleged involvement in what should be called the massacre of March 12. Surprisingly no one seems asking how could one man single-handedly defeat a mission of such an importance? Surprisingly no one seems asking what is the common responsibility of both Haitian police commandment and National Police Superior Council in this failure?

One will probably never know the truth related to this failure. However, at least 4 police officers are really dead; their relatives’ traumatized and the country continue its long trip to that endless collapse.

The police institution has merely shown its structural dysfunction, its crippling weaknesses and above all endless internal struggles provoked by a group of actors in order to take control over the Haitian police. Normally, the rule of law is the standard in countries where institutions have primacy over individuals. In such countries, sustainable institutions are seen as a guarantee of citizens' adherence to power and state. Individual will die but institutions and state will remain. At the contrary, Haiti is being collapsed for there is no rule of law. There is neither leader nor national leadership. The detention and public statements of that senior police officer on some radio stations in Port-au-Prince show that all is gone and that is over. The will of some police officers’ family members to prosecute Haitian government for the killing of at least 4 police officers during the massacre of March 12 show that all is gone and that is over.

The demonstration of some police officers in front of the Police Academy showing their angriness against a senior police officer show the Haitian police is being collapsed. It is even worse when that senior police officer threatens to suicide himself for his alleged implication in the failure of March 12. One should know that Haitian police is actually the only legal and constitutional armed force in the country. Its internal and structural dysfunction is a proof that the country is being collapsed. The police officers demonstration is a proof that Haitian police can no longer fulfill its mission consisting in protecting life and goods.

Few weeks ago Mr. Jovenel Moïse claimed to have dismantled sixty-four armed groups within Haitian territory. But obviously it seems armed groups are growing like mushrooms in Haiti. At the end of the day, this is just one more lie in Jovenel Moise’s long lies list.

Meanwhile, some argue that the corpses of police officers were burnt instead of a formal burial. No possibility for their relatives to offer them a funeral that meets their human dignity. No possibility for police officers' relatives of meditating one last time in front of the remains of their sons, brothers, husbands or friends. The Nation is losing part of itself. Amateurism and incompetence are standardized at top of the State.

Anyway the schools may probably complete the school year and that seems to be the new deadline for many. Thereafter the country will undoubtedly experience another massive exodus. Those who persist in moving heaven and earth to remain in power will still doing so. Those who are waiting for the elections for a triumphant return will remain motivated while waiting for the electoral contests whose resulst seem to be already known. Those who do evil will keep on acting till they are ordered to stop everything. The endless collapsing process of haitian society is the only certainty along this universe of uncertainty.

Translated into english by Mackendy Jeunay

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 2021-03-29 |

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